Medicinal products include a large number of completely different makes: from implants and human medical instruments to dialysis and infusion equipment and dressing materials for wound care. The corresponding analytical services are just as diverse as the product groups:

  • Cleaning validation of installations and equipment
  • Extractables and leachables studies for primary packaging
  • Residue analysis of operating materials (release agents, cooling lubricants, abrasives, mineral oils, solvents)
  • Residue analysis of cleaning reagents (surfactants, phosphate, TOC)
  • Analysis of coatings containing antibiotics (identity, assay, purity, activity)
  • Determination of elements and ions (Aqua purificata, heavy metals in inorganic bone replacement materials etc.)
  • Microbiological tests (total aerobic microbial count, endotoxins, specific germs)
  • Stability studies under special storage conditions
  • Determination of activity of antibiotics using microbiological test methods


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