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INTERLABOR has an independent laboratory division dedicated to processing client samples that do not fall under routine analysis. It is an efficient and effective competence center with very experienced analysts.

  • What is the cause of a specific phenomenon?
  • What does the precipitation detected in a product consist of? Where does it come from?
  • How can a specific product be tested? Is it at all possible?
  • Why is a product unstable?

We are very familiar with these and similar questions. It is often possible to find solutions to these problems thanks to INTERLABOR's long-standing experience.


  • Development and validation of methods for analyzing medicinal products and medical devices
  • Analysis of specific substances in phytopharmaceuticals
  • Testing primary packaging for extractables and leachables
  • Identification of unidentified samples; overview analysis of the main ingredients
  • Aroma profiles; identification of off-odors
  • Development and validation of procedures for validating cleaning processes (sampling and analyses)
  • Information procurement, literature research


Allow us to present two small examples from practice CAPSO traces in protein solutions and VOC sampling from large packaging


All of the analysis technology and equipment at INTERLABOR are available for development work:

  • GC-MS in conjunction with static and dynamic headspace, SPME, Twister, thermal desorption and liquid injection
  • IC with conductivity detection and electro-chemical suppression
  • GC with NPD, FID, ECD
  • ICP OES, AAS in conjunction with graphite tube furnace, hydride and cold vapor technology
  • Wet-chemical methods

It is also possible to extend these methods through collaboration with external partners as and when necessary (e.g. XRF, electron microscopy, etc.).


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Dr Monika Kirsch
Head of Research and Development