A big 'Thank you' to all our clients


We have had the honor of providing services to more than a thousand reputable clients for the past fifty years.

Working for the market leaders in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical products and the food industry fills us with pride every single day.
It is thanks to you, dear clients, that INTERLABOR is what it is today: an important laboratory of trust providing a customized, personal service. We have always conducted our work without any large-scale advertising campaigns or hype. Our focus is the quality of your products.

Please accept our sincere thanks for placing your trust and loyalty in INTERLABOR.


Recent quotes from our clients...


"... INTERLABOR is a super lab, we send them everything we have."

"... we are completely satisfied with INTERLABOR."

"... we really appreciate the excellent service."

"... INTERLABOR takes care of us – it's a good feeling."

"... we like working with INTERLABOR time and again."

"... we feel very well catered for by INTERLABOR."

"... we are very satisfied with the analyses from INTERLABOR and the service is top class."

"... INTERLABOR's personal service and reaction speed are exemplary."


... Thank you!