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GMP Inspection

We have passed successfully the last GMP inspection by SwissMedic!


TOC analysis

In the pharmaceutical industry, the TOC (total organic carbon) value is considered an important bulk parameter for evaluating the organic contamination of a water sample. That is why the TOC value is also very suitable for cleaning validation. We use two methods for this analysis: NDIR detection and the wet chemical UV persulfate method. The following can be named as characteristic features: high sensitivity; detection limit of 100 ppb; fast and reliable; not suitable for waste water and samples containing particles and a high salt load; corresponds with USP and Ph.Eur.


Statement Chemtrails

Please refer to the official Statement of INTERLABOR about the chemtrail discussion on various Internet Websites.



Screening includes checks for more than 500 pesticides in two different analysis runs. Polar pesticides are measured using a state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS triple quad mass spectrometer, whilst non-polar pesticides are measured by gas chromatography and a unique TOF mass spectrometer. Both methods offer comprehensive analytical certainty. Confirmation of positive analysis findings using a second, independently processed sample is included in the price.


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