Medical Devices

Our program

  • Cleaning validation
  • Stability testing for packaging materials and products
  • Leachables and extractables
  • Residues from auxiliary substances (oils, cleaning agents, ethylene oxide, etc.)
  • Identity, content and purity of antibiotics
  • Elements and ions
  • Microbiological tests and endotoxins


The variety of modern materials and auxiliary substances used in the production of medical devices is impressive. Semi-finished and finished products require close and comprehensive monitoring to guarantee the greatest possible patient safety.

You can benefit from INTERLABOR's many years of experience in this field. Our highly-motivated specialists accompany your specific process from an analytical viewpoint, be it for routine batch control, during the development phase of new products or the evaluation of new auxiliary and packaging materials.


  • Swarf on metallic products for joint replacement
  • Stability tests for blistered dental implants
  • Residue analysis with regard to coolants and surfactants
  • Heavy metals in inorganic bone substitutes (TCP)
  • Cleaning validation of equipment by means of rinse water analysis and swab testing for specific residues
  • Testing for gassing agents in sterile catheters
  • Content analysis and determination of activity on implants with gentamicin sulfate coating
  • General microbiological tests


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Bernhard Burn

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